Goat Walking

Group Activity

Most of the other activities on the list are mostly done solo and we offer group activities in all adventure sports


As safety is our main values, We follow all safety standards in all adventure sports activities

No age limit

Any people of 12 - 65 can happily participate in most of our adventure sports activities



Sky walking

Sky walking
Kambala konda
200 inr
Sky walking

Sky walking


To make the deal more attractive for you, we have an amazing economical price range with lucrative discounts for bulk bookings. . We have all advance booking facilities as well to make things easier.

  Safety - all safety precauiotns is mantained 

  Enjoy Activity - Go right on the line nad enjoy the adventure 

  Offers - we offer group packages 



Respect Wildlife

The Adrenaline windsurfing center is situated in the sandy paradise of the Dominic Republic.


Respect Nature

Most of the hotels and condominiums are just 5 to 10 minute walking distance from our center with a few situated right.



We also have an arrangement with number of hotels in the vicinity to ensure that you have the most amazing.

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge adventure activity

Hung 70 meters above the ground, the Burma Bridge is a must try. The peppy yellow coloured ropes and wires will seem like child’s play to cross, but you’ll get to know the reality once you’re on it.

  Every one can do - Activity for all ages

  Adreline flows - 120meters of long line

  Safty Precautions - Helmet and other gear


Single Activity
Creek Valley Shop
300 INR
15 min

Single Activity

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Group Activity
Creek Valley Shop
200 INR
1 Day

Group Activity

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Zip Lining

Kambalakonda - ziplining

This zip lining adventure sports activity is amazing and the joy you get while finishing this task cannot be described in words.

  Unique Experience - Safe  and very new experince 

  Adrenaline Rush - Get excited

  Jump Away - Or with our instructor

  Let go your Fear - Try once instead of seeing

Saftey Standards

Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course.

Zip kining Tips

Zip line is a fun and safe adventure activity, but do check that the operator is well trained in terms of experience, safety and maintenance.

Medical concerns

Anyone above the age of 10, weight under 100kg and height above 4’7” (1.4m) can travel along a zip line – one has to be is of reasonable healthy.