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Scuba Diving Question & Answers

COntact our team and book your slots before 07 days of commencement of your travel
Almost anybody. The minimum age is 10 years old. There is no maximum age. You don’t need to be an athlete but you do need to be generally fit and healthy,non swimmers can also do scuba diving.
As a beginner, we need to make sure that you are fit for diving. Please read the questions on Page 1 of this Medical statement. If you can answer ‘no’ to every question you don’t need to see a doctor. If you answer ‘yes’ to any question you will need to see a doctor before you can dive. The doctor should complete Page 2. You can visit a doctor. The doctor doesn’t need to be a diving specialist.
No, it isn’t. Scuba diving is a safe and fun family activity. Just listen to your Instructor and follow the safety rules.
There are no dangerous sharks in Vizag. If you are lucky you may see a shark but it will be more frightened of you. Sharks have never bitten divers in vizag.
It’s possible but very unlikely. You and your Instructor can easily check your air supply. It’s like reading the petrol gauge on a car. For extra safety, we always end a scuba dive with at least 25% in the tank (that’s enough spare air for about 15 minutes drive time).
As a beginner you will always be close to your instructor. If you feel claustrophobic just signal to your Instructor and you will go together to the surface. LiveinAdventures Scuba have Instructors that have managed all types of situations for thousands of students. You will be guided underwater in the safest and most comfortable way dependent on your own level of confidence. You are in great hands and this is your chance to overcome any prospective adversity.
Sometimes on a flight or diving down to the bottom of a swimming pool you may feel pain. This is because the air pressure is increasing and squeezing your ears. This won’t be a problem while you are diving because your Instructor will teach you a simple technique to prevent this (called ‘equalisation’). You’ll be able to use this technique on flights and in the swimming pool too!
Yes, you can. If you can do normal daily activities during your monthly period then you can dive during menstruation too. For further questions feel free to contact our female staff.
The best option is to wear soft contact lenses while you are diving. Another option is to buy from us a scuba diving mask with prescription lenses (however please note you have to order mask prescription lenses well in advance).
Not here in Vizag. The temperature is usually around 28 C though it can sometimes be colder. You will be wearing one of our wetsuits anyway which will protect you from the cold.
You won’t be taking any long boat trips. Just in case we do have seasickness medicine available.
We scuba divers are very lucky because it never rains underwater. It’s no problem to dive while it is raining on the surface because it doesn’t affect divers below.
Each dive will be about 30 to 45 minutes(01 Air cylinder).
No, you don’t. All rental scuba gear and a wet suit included in the price.
Livein Adventures Scuba specialises in the individual care and large groups. We will cater to your group/individual requirements.
All our Scuba Instructors speak English, Hindi and Telugu.
Yes, you can. As a beginner one of the first things you will learn is how to make underwater signals before your dive begins.
Yes, you can but Dive sites limited in summer.
Livein Adventures is the only company which is associated with AP TOURISM, which has strived and brought scuba diving in the city and we are only running safe Scuba diving Academy. Trust our experienced and well-trained staff and our safety-first procedures.
We will be happy to refund any payment or deposit if you cancel for any reason before the day in Advance at 10 am. We also refund if we can't complete the course for any reason.
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