The Zip Liner is reward for crossing the Burma Bridge successfully. Once you reach the other end of the Bridge, you are bought to the initial position via a Zip Liner, With the same safety gears, the pulleys on the rope bring you swiftly back to the initial side on 70 meters long Zip Line. This activity is amazing and the joy you get while finishing this task cannot be described in words.

Note :
I have read the rules of the declaration and I agree to be bound by them. All adventures are dangerous and hazardous all activities are undertaken at my own risk. The management will not accept any liability however caused for death, personal injury, lost or damage of property or personal belongings.

Product Description

Event Description

Zip-liner is an incredible adventure which gives you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding hills, meadows etc. Your adventure will begin with trained guides leading you with the best safety equipment.


  • Check locks before you go
  • Wear saftey helmet
  • Practice safe ascents
  • Follow Guide Instructions


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