It is a very Adventures water sport everyone will enjoy. You will have the chance to see different kinds of marine life and discovering the natural beauty of under water located near rushikonda. (Minimum 4 Members)
Note :
I have read the rules of the declaration and I agree to be bound by them. All adventures are dangerous and hazardous all activities are undertaken at my own risk. The management will not accept any liability however caused for death, personal injury, lost or damage of property or personal belongings.

Product Description

Event Description

Snorkeling involves observing the underwater depths with the aid of a diving mask, a snorkel and, usually, swimfins. It generally takes place in shallow water, where you can watch undersea life from the surface of the water.
Snorkeling allows people to observe underwater life over a long period while generally making only a limited physical effort.

  • Make sure your equipment is good and that you are familiar with it
  • Dont Touch Marine Life
  • Take care of your life
  • Follow Guide Instructions


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